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What's a xenogender? Why is everything a gender now? Are xenogenders only for ND people? Doesn't this hurt real trans people?


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As of 2/22/2021, when this Carrd received a complete revamp, the Italian and Portuguese translations are outdated.
A Spanish translation is especially wanted, but any other language is also welcomed. This would be volunteer work, I have no resources to pay translators at the moment.

Just like other words LGBTQ+ folks use, it’s my personal assertion that people who identified with xenogenders existed before the words themselves - Genderfluid people existed before the term was used, lesbians existed before the term was used, etc. I'm collecting examples of experiences that might count as xenogender from history.


If you have anything to contribute to this project, please get in touch by contacting me through one of these websites.


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Xenogenders are a specific variety of nonbinary gender. If you're not very educated on transgender/nonbinary topics in general, it may be even harder to understand xenogenders.